DjPunjab 2020 is a one-stop destination for Punjabi music, songs, Bollywood remix, Hindi songs, MP3 ringtones, and movies. DjPunjab website offers free services for users to search and download Latest Hd movies and free mp3 Punjabi songs.

    DjPunjab offers many categories like Dharmik song, DjPunjab remix songs, DjPunjab Sad Songs, Video Songs, Games songs, new movies songs, Punjabi music and more. The downloads are facilitated by a torrent link and once you click on the link you establish a connection with DjPunjab servers and the download begins.

    Visit DjPunjab 2020 website to plugin and play sweet-sounding music any time, anywhere, for any occasion. You can also download unlimited songs for free at DjPunjab.


    DjPunjab Music and films collection

    This makes navigating the DjPunjab website a breeze. Whenever a new song is added on the board, it can be played right on the homepage of the DjPunjab website. DjPunjab 2020 also has films and any video song from the film that can be downloaded too. Some of the films that they stream are Wakhra Swag, Shabad Gurbani, Teriyan Deedan, Sultan songs, don’t look, Sher Marna, Cute Munda, Laung Laachi, and many more.

    DjPunjab takes less than a second to fetch any song you want on your phone or computer and download it in Full HD video format. The HD videos don’t take up as much space as HD full movies.

    DjPunjab punjabi music

    Besides Hindi and Punjabi songs, the DjPunjab Videos section is the talk of the town. You can watch the latest video songs and celebrity gossips in full HD quality here.

    DjPunjab 2020 Proxy Sites

    Proxy sites are very much important to keep the website alive. DjPunjab 2020 is a piracy streaming website and all the content uploaded here is illegally acquired. The website has no copyrights or distribution rights for the films and remix music that they distribute. This makes it an illegal activity and the government blocked access to such sites. If The Government blocked access to DjPunjab then users cannot access it and the website will make no money. So DjPunjab uploads proxy sites. Proxy sites are the same websites but with a different URL.

    The new URL remains unnoticed by regulatory authorities and people can continue to access the website and download the latest remix music, Punjabi music. Some proxy domains for DjPunjab are,,,,, and

    Is DjPunjab 2020 Legal?

    No, DjPunjab is not legal, including its proxies sites. Since DJpunjab is illegal accessing it is also considered a crime. Downloading or streaming pirated content from such websites is a punishable offence and the person can even go to prison for a long time. These rules have been passed by the Indian Government to protect the interests of top film making companies and also medium level producers.

    Users can use a VPN to mask their real IP address and change their location but to activate the VPN software you need access to the app with your own internet connection. After the VPN is activated your IP address changes and your browser history from then cannot be tracked. This means that the user can download their remix music and still not get caught. Users can search for VPN free in Play Store or in Chrome browser to get any free VPN software.


    DjPunjab is a great website and you can search for almost any film or music and download it for free but the downloads come with a huge risk. There are other legal alternatives like Netflix, Spotify, and Saavn where you get the same search results and can stream the same content.

    Movie piracy is an illegal activity. Indian Chronicle Website is strictly against Movie Piracy. The information is being shown to you depending in your search result and we don’t promote or advertise any websites.


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