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    Putlocker is a perfect platform to get free Movies and other entertaining videos. Let’s celebrate watching Movies with this top platform. It is FREE! It is a Movies website that is used for free streaming of IMDb Movie of different genre and TV series online with minimal ads. Launched in 2011, this Hindi Movie site gained major attention after the shutdown of similar options. Putlocker website is popular all around the globe and has millions of people accessing the data and information.


    Putlocker website provides access to files hosted somewhere else. Putlocker.com 2020 ranked among the 250 most viewed sites of the world on the internet in 2016 due to massive growth in the number of visitors using Putlocker.in website daily. The proxies for the site are putlocker.io, putlocker.tv, putlocker.vip, putlocker.bz, putlocker.is, putlocker.me, putlocker.us, putlocker.cz, putlocker.ac, putlocker.it for download movies.

    Putlocker team has enabled content protection, also the interface is strong so that no one can hack into the network and the program. The servers are available in different countries like the USA, UK, India, and others. These servers allow users to experience different categories, things, and other features of videos without advertisements.

    Putlocker History

    The site has gained popularity after movies were banned by the government. The mirrors and anime domains were shut down and people experienced problems to watch any English film in their country. The site saw the benefit and came into action. It released various proxies and improved the interface with the best catalog store on the homepage and added ratings to the stories. The websites list was available but people had to go through registration to request any video.

    Insights on Putlocker

    Everyone can watch free the latest films, TV series, TV shows and listen to music all in one place. Not just watching digital films online, but the user can also download on your devices the same for offline viewing. There are no pop-ups or piracy threat while visiting the website or its alternatives. The content is available without an ad blocker and the site can be unblocked using a proxy connection option and changing the location to the United Kingdom

    Putlocker movies streaming site

    Putlockers is an absolutely easy and user-friendly movies and TV shows website that helps you find movies and Indian TV shows of your choice.

    On Putlocker’s new streaming sites, the user will find an extensive collection of latest and old movies like Avengers Endgame, Captain Marvel, Game of Thrones, Spider-Man far from home, John Wick 3, Once upon a time in Hollywood, Toy story 4, Aladdin, Interstellar.

    About Putlocker

    Putlocker allows free streaming of movies and TV shows without the installation of any additional plugin. Most of the Music, Movies and TV shows websites require a type of plugin called ADOBE to be installed before the stream but it has no such limitation details. A simple click on the movie icon will lead the user to hassle-free binge-watching.

    Along with interruption-free streaming, it also enables high speed buffering which allows the user to watch movies online without any interruption and save time. The website has the same library and sections found under the app. Accessing the site is suggested if you are using a non-compact device like a computer.


    Due to copyright infringement matter and trademark policy breach reason, Putlocker’s domain name had to undergo several domain seizures. Putlocker 2020 and plus the 2 main platforms to watch free high-quality content on movie streaming sites. You may find all torrent links to free Movies, TV shows, Web Series, Music, and Software on Torrentz2.

    There are many other legal alternatives to watch movies like Amazon Prime, YouTube, Netflix, etc. Using these three sources is hight suggested to stream movies as they have all the rights and work legally.

    Movie piracy is an illegal activity. Indian Chronicle Website is strictly against Movie Piracy. All the contents published on the Indian Chronicle is just for the purpose of information and is not intended to promote/support piracy or pirated contents or illegal Movie websites in any way.


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